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About Us

CogniTrends is a global intelligence, investigations, and analytical consulting firm dedicated to providing excellence services to a diverse clientele. Our intelligence experience forms the basis for customized, results-oriented strategies in various fields, including domestic and international politics, diplomatic-consular affairs, linguistic technology forensics, economic-corporate analytical planning, cybersecurity, risk assessment, and fraud prevention.


Areas of expertise


●International Market Intelligence

●Military Intelligence and Planning


●Political Engagements Data Analysis

●Cybersecurity, Digital Forensics and Background Check (Personal, Corporate and Real Estate)

●Linguistic Investigations and Cross-Cultural Consulting


●Diplomatic-Consular Advisory, Training and Intelligence

●Risk Advisory, Fraud Prevention and Economic Consulting Solutions

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower with the tools and intelligence insights needed to make optimum decisions in the face of evolving risks, international challenges and multidimensional complexities. Identifying, evaluating, preventing and effectively managing political, diplomatic-consular, financial, corporate, and personal risks stand as the cornerstone of our excellence services. From meticulously scrutinizing cryptoassets and its undertakings to making sound conducts, we are your trusted partner in mitigating operational, tactical and personal risks through the careful development of specific models of decisive actions for private and public sectors.

Our Privacy Policy, our Best Practices Statement and our Terms of Use are the foundations for the careful use of relevant information and its protection. It is important to mention that this website does not constitute any contractual obligation nor any privilege information sharing in any format within the context of a company-client relationship. Our company only collects information using lawful means and through its adequate legally established channels. We follow a strict code of transparency and best practices to guarantee the highest professional and ethical standards.

Intelligence services are actions aimed at the collecting, analyzing, and disseminating information and intelligence related to national security, corporate issues and foreign affairs. It also involves investigations and forensics, at the operational level. Our company abides with all relevant legal and ethical standards domestically and internationally. These services play a crucial role in supporting both companies’ and also the nation's decision-making processes, safeguarding its interests, and protecting its citizens from various threats. Here are some key aspects of intelligence services:

  1. Collection of Intelligence: Intelligence agencies gather information from various sources, including human intelligence (HUMINT), signals intelligence (SIGINT), imagery intelligence (IMINT), open-source intelligence (OSINT), and more. This information can encompass a wide range of subjects, such as political, military, economic, and technological developments;
  2.  Analysis and Assessment: Intelligence analysts examine the collected data to identify trends, threats, and potential risks. They assess the significance of the information and its implications for national security and foreign policy;
  3. Counterintelligence and surveillance: these actions focus on identifying and countering espionage, sabotage, and other covert activities conducted by foreign intelligence services against national security interests;
  4. Counterterrorism: Many intelligence agencies also have units dedicated to tracking and countering terrorist organizations and their activities. This involves monitoring individuals and groups with suspected ties to terrorism, analyzing their actions, and providing actionable intelligence to law enforcement agencies;
  5. Cybersecurity, cyberdefense, and cyberforensics: In the modern digital age, intelligence services are increasingly involved in cybersecurity efforts. We work to identify and mitigate cyber threats, including cyberattacks by foreign governments, criminal organizations, or hacktivists. Moreover, CogniTrends is not a law firm nor a financial company; rather it is an intelligence firm engaged in various cross-cultural scenarios and in a multidisciplinary approach for data analytics, risk assessment and fraud prevention.

Intelligence services can play a significant role in enhancing corporate performance and decision-making by providing valuable insights, risk assessments, and competitive intelligence. While intelligence services are typically associated with government agencies, private-sector organizations can also benefit from intelligence-gathering and analysis to make more informed business decisions. Here's how intelligence services can enhance corporate performance: Competitive Intelligence:

  • Gathering information about competitors' products, strategies, and market positioning to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT analysis).
  • Monitoring industry trends, market dynamics, and emerging technologies to help companies adapt and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Identifying potential strategic partnerships or M&A opportunities based on intelligence about other companies in the same or related industries.